Why Independence may soon be the only real choice for California.

This modified “Cascadia” flag is one proposed design for a Pacifica Federation national flag.

Over just the past six weeks, largely due to the willful refusal of the Trump Administration to address the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, including its economic impact on American wage-earners, the prospects for California independence have received unprecedented attention from more authoritative authors. Some key examples include:

All of these articles, as well as others, effectively presume that “secession” is certain to be voluntary, and that continuing to remain a state is certain to be a viable option. This is a false presumption.

In fact, as the U.S.A. declines steadily into chaos and violence, it should be obvious that states like California may soon – anytime between next week and eight months in the future – have only two real options: “Independence” or plunging with the rest of the United States into anarchy and/or authoritarianism. If the United States becomes sufficiently “dis-united” and destabilized, there will be, in effect, no “United States” – certainly no democratic United States ruled by laws as American lawyers know them – to “secede” from.

Even if the current violence and unrest ends – and without a new federal economic relief package, that is a mere “hope” – Trump and his Republican allies will still continue doing all they can to prevent voting, discredit election results, jail opposing candidates, and even threatening to refuse to leave office if defeated. In short, the party-in-power is actively destabilizing the United States and trying to impose an authoritarian dictatorship. Many are devoting their energy right now to trying to use the current police brutality protests to achieve their goal of establishing a dictatorship now, before there are elections for Trump to lose.

Although some parts of the U.S. would readily embrace a Trump dictatorship, many would resist, sparking civil war across the U.S. Thus within eight months or less, state governments like California will be our last defense against anarchy.

Should the U.S. dis-unite into a nullity, state leaders should respond – as they are already doing over the COVID Crisis – by assuming the responsibilities of the U.S. government, and declaring the provisional independence of California. In a choice between “Independence” and “Anarchy,” the world will embrace the rise of independent California, alone or within a “Pacifica Federation” of Western states.

Let us hope that the U.S. never plunges into anarchy and terror. However, as wishes may fail, the California Liberation Movement PAC (CALM-PAC) will continue to study and plan for the establishment of a peaceful and democratic independent California.

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  1. June 27, 2020

    […] union to a dictatorship under Donald Trump and his imitators is only prudent. As analyst Hannah Miyamoto has warned, California may soon have no choice better than declaring her independence and forming a new […]

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