Under Scrutiny: Governor Gavin Newsom declares the “rhetorical” independence of California

By Alfred Jalife-Rahme
Translated by Hannah Miyamoto

Courtesy of La Jornada (Mexico City)
April 12, 2020

Link to original: https://www.jornada.com.mx/2020/04/12/opinion/014o1pol

Produced as a public service for English-speaking viewers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened the divisions between the Democratic and Republican parties, while accentuated the secessionist fads [sic] that are most clearly expressed in California.

Beyond the ongoing “soft” civil war (https://bit.ly/39V6mZy) and the “Zionist Evangelist” ( https://bit.ly/3b3uLNM ) front in the U.S., California has distinguished itself for its three past failed ballot initiatives to either divide California from the U.S., or break up California into multiple states:. “The 6 Californias” (https://bit.ly/3a81Eb6)”; The Calexit (https://bit.ly/34v0xAW), and The “Independence of New California and its de-Mexicanization” (https://bit.ly/2JZCNeE).

The implications of what Governor Newsom has said are unknown, but his differences with Donald Trump could put federalism at risk..

But the successive secession initiatives of California had never reached the point of a declaration of independence in the mouth of its governor, Gavin Newsom.

Conspicuously the anti-Trump Bloomberg News published an open declaration of independence (https://bit.ly/2XECfTR), while Daily Kos, a major voice for the left wing of the undemocratic Democratic Party, diminished the declaration to mere “Rhetoric” (https://bit.ly/2JXU1cp).

In the midst of the war over distribution of N95 masks in the U.S., the governor told MSNBC that he would use much of California’s purchasing power as a “nation-state” to acquire hospital equipment that the federal government is denying.

He added that California would be exporting some equipment to the needy states , which, in my opinion, would be the democratic entities that dominate on the western coast of the US. In this phase.

Bloomberg’s Francis Wilkinson hinted that California independence may lead to something else , but pauses to speculate on preparation for a “civil war” between Trump Supporters and the nascent non-white majority of the 21st century in the US, embodied by the multiracial liberal electorate of California – where most of its almost 40 million inhabitants are of Mexican ancestry.

For now, the governor plans to acquire more than 200 million masks to deal with COVID-19 (https://on.msnbc.com/3cgNbep).

In the view of Wilkinson, the Governor sent a powerful message to both political parties and argues that this “civil war” by other means, which aims to enshrine the dominance of the “minority” of the Republican Party, will provoke a counteroffensive of the Democratic Party.

Additionally, Wilkinson raises the specter of Californians revolting against the U.S. Government, since California taxpayers account for 15 percent of federal tax revenues.

Wilkinson points out that the dissident governor had already used the phrase “nation-state” – which, in my opinion, if it acquires the positivist meaning of French sociologist Auguste Comté – would have intense epistemological and geopolitical connotations.

Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle warned last year that Newsom’s vision was not only for California to be the “crossroads of resistance” against Trump; but to be a nation-state (https://bit.ly/2JWBCgj).”

Wilkinson lists some of the sharp contrasts between Democrat Newsom and Republican Trump over issues that jeopardize federalism, but the greatest is the conflict between the Republican’s promotion of White cultural and racial supremacy against California’s concept of multiracial citizenship.

Daily Kos softened Newsom’s declaration of independence by deeming it “rhetorical”, while acknowledging that California is a bastion of demographic transformation and progressive legislation.

Daily Kos also highlighted the economic power of California – seat of Hollywood, the San Diego nuclear naval base, and the technological jewels of the Silicon Valley – pointing out that if it were a country it would have the fifth largest economy in the world (https://bit.ly/2Xu1bwY).

Will the centrifugal forces within the United States, combined with the slipstream of California’s independence movement contaminate its vulnerable southern neighbor?


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