Trump Genocide Plot against Californians exposed

New Trump Motto: "Californians are Subhuman," in German.

New Trump Motto: “Californians are Subhuman,” in German.

Image: “Rouse & Revolt,’ Chico, CA, 2017

The Weapon: COVID-19. The Killers: Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and his Allies. The Target: Us.

An article by Katherine Eban published Friday on the Vanity Fair website exposed a plot by top White House officials to deny California and other states material aid needed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. COVID-19 has killed over 150,000 Americans and has caused the greatest economic drop since the Great Depression.

The account by Eban describes how Kushner and other Trump officials had readied a plan this March to coordinate testing Americans for COVID-19. The plan also incorporated systems to conduct rapid and efficient contact tracing. Contact tracing is necessary to inform individuals without symptoms of infection that they may be spreading the virus.

According to Eban, task force members expected this dramatic plan would be rolled out in early April. Donald Trump even revealed some parts of the plan and promised to implement them soon. Instead, it went “poof” and disappeared.

Dead Californians = “Good Politics” for Trump

The reason the Trump administration COVID testing and tracing plan went “poof” was apparently election-year politics. By April, Donald Trump had apparently concluded that since the virus was most widespread in coastal states, most victims would be Democratic voters.

Trump and his aides also thought that blaming Democratic leaders for the rising death toll would also be “good politics”; regardless of the human cost. Mass pandemics in “Blue” states might even lead to the civil unrest that Trump has insisted are routine in states like California.

Already, at that time, COVID-19 was having a disproportionate impact on poor communities with large numbers of African- and Latino-American residents. As would be reported this month, people of color are not “our people” to Trump.

When he sabotaged the U.S. response to COVID-19, Trump ignored the likelihood that the virus would spread to inland communities. Rural areas and Southern cities have poor health infrastructures, and more residents lack health insurance. Moreover, rural communities and Southern states have regularly voted for Republicans in the past.

The ultimately self-sabotaging result of this decision is one of the hardest facts to explain. However, public statements by Trump and his administration since April have followed that basic pattern.

Trump administration officials interfered with Blue State efforts to defeat COVID-19

Sensing that the Trump administration would not provide an adequate federal response to the COVID Crisis, leaders in the areas initially impacted by the virus took charge. State and local leaders in the Northeastern, Midwestern, and Western states announced the most dramatic actions. Their decisions including ordering businesses to close, and prioritizing the shipment of protective masks and hand sanitizer hospitals.

Almost immediately, federal officials directly interfered with these state government efforts. Federal agents mysteriously seized shipments of protective equipment. Federal officials ordered companies not to deliver ventilators and similar items to state governments, that states had already purchased.

By April, the state of Illinois was chartering airliners to literally smuggle protective equipment from China past federal customs agents. Meanwhile, California was repairing ventilators that were already broken when the federal government sent them.

When state leaders mentioned federal failures, Donald Trump said they were “complaining all the time.” Trump even said, while rescue flights were secretly landing, that Illinois governor Pritzker could not “do his job.”

The Trump COVID Genocide Plot

By May, commentators were branding interference by Trump administration with COVID-fighting work by “Blue” states as “genocide.” For example, on May 6, Gregg Gonsalves, co-director of Yale’s Global Health Justice Partnership, called the bungled U.S. COVID-19 response close to “genocide by default.

However, while Trump policies were definitely disproportionately hurting groups Trump disfavored, the level of intent did not need the level necessary to establish genocide. Incompetence and even recklessness, in this case, is not a human rights violation.

For example, human rights law expert John Hieck responded to Gonsalves in the legal blog Opinio Juris. Hieck concluded that Trump had not manifested the requisite intent to support a charge of genocide. However, he said, Trump could face state charges for manslaughter and even murder. Legal scholar Laurence Tribe, Hieck noted, had already suggested Trump’s willful mishandling of the COVID Crisis could support a homicide case.

The new reporting by Eban is starting to supply the evidence to support charges of both homicde and genocide. More evidence of intention to commit genocide against the people Trump dislikes will likely soon appear. The Trump Genocide Plot is especially likely to be exposed because Jared Kushner misled so many experts into thinking they were assisting a genuine effort to fight COVID. Many of these people have no need to do Trump favors.

Living Californians = “Bad Politics” for Trump

Californians will not forget or forgive that Trump and his aides caused thousands of Californians to die from COVID. The exposing of the Trump Genocide Plot will lead to even greater support for Democratic candidates this year.

However, California independence advocates also hope Californians will now be more determined to put the California Independence Plebiscite initiative on the ballot. State officials will approve the initiative petition soon.

Now that over 9,000 Californians have died from COVID, many now wonder how many would be alive today if Donald Trump had not decided to use COVID as a genocidal weapon. Can California risk remaining part of a nation, many ask, that allowed such a monster to gain and retain power?

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