Take Home Lessons on Democratic Party support for California Secession.

More than 9 million Californians of voting age support the peaceful secession of California.
More than 9 million Californians of voting age support the peaceful secession of California.

This is the conclusion of a four-part series, ““Red Pill Democrats?” Signs grow that the Anti-Trump Coalition may support California Secession.” Click here to read the beginning of this article.

The TIP (Transition Integrity Project) report includes an executive summary and a detailed set of conclusions to be drawn from their study. However, one may draw some specific conclusions about how at least some Democratic Party leaders see secession by California and other Western states.

  1. No longer an impossibility, they think promoting secession could be a viable option for preserving democracy. Although Trump opponents might only support secession as a negotiating tactic, that still proves secession is a realistic option.
  2. They recognize that complaints against California’s lack of representation in the U.S. Senate and electoral college are valid.
  3. They are most likely to use supporting secession as a bargaining chip in negotiations with Trump and his Republican allies.
  4. If authoritarianism and xenophobia triumph in the rest of the U.S.A., California will be last refuge for American egalitarian values.
  5. California independence is the indispensable first step toward forming a new democratic federation of former U.S. states.
  6. Merely conditional support for California independence would be, think national-level anti-Trump strategists, give them significant leverage.
  7. National Democratic Party leaders know relatively little about the Calexit movement, its relative strength or goals and values.
  8. Despite their potential interest in using the Calexit movement, national-level Trump opponents are not giving Calexit organization necessary material aid.

Fast Track to California Secession

The results of the TIP simulation experiment will help everyone interpret developments in the 2020 election and the 2020-2021 transition period as they come. Clearly, if the Trump Administration and Republican supporters continue to flout American legal and political norms, the campaign to place a California independence initiative on the ballot is likely to be surprisingly successful. The California secession and independence movement is on the right track.

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