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"Red Pill Liberals" recognize that secession may be the best alternative to authoritarianism. 3

“Red Pill Liberals?” Signs grow that the Anti-Trump Coalition may support California Secession.

In the simulated crisis, senior former and current government officials chose supporting the potential secession of California and other states as a viable response if Trump uses force and violence against Americans protesting against him after the November 2020 elections.

In short: Even among senior government leaders, secession is no longer unthinkable or unreasonable.

"Estados Unidos se está hundiendo: ¡California debe comenzar a nadar!" Gráfico producido por partidarios de la independencia de California para la nueva iniciativa de secesión de California. 2

California Secession Initiative Timed for Potential Election Chaos

A coalition of groups supporting independence for California will submit a draft initiative this Friday for a proposed law that could lead to a “Stay or Go?” vote in 2022. The campaign organizers expect that the time for Californians to collect signatures for the California secession initiative will begin during the eight weeks before the 2020 presidential election.