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Protecting the Rights of Citizens of Small-Population States

To protect the interests of citizens of small-population states, the constitutional amendment that reforms the Senate should include a clause that bars Congress from making a law that has a discriminatory effect upon a citizen of a small-population state or states, when not “substantially related” to furthering an “important public purpose.”

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Constitutional Changes to Restore American Democracy: Reforming the U.S. Senate and ending the Imperial Presidency

Syndicated columnist Joe Matthews proposed last week that campaigning to change the U.S. Constitution to restore democratic stability to the U.S. would be a better alternative for Californians than pressing for independence now. At the least, Matthews argues, this would satisfy world opinion that California is restoring her independence only after using all her power to reform the U.S. Constitution.
Consistent with my obligation as a lawyer to support necessary legal reforms, here are the most significant of my recommendations for strengthening democracy by reforming the U.S. Constitution.