A "Stingray" cellphone mimicker that can be used to spy on Californians.

Federal agency illegally spies on the cell phones of millions of Californians, according to ACLU.

A "Stingray" cellphone mimicker that can be used to spy on Californians.
A "Stingray" cellphone mimicker that can be used to spy on Californians.

Photo-Courtesy of ACLU

Hannah Miyamoto, News Editor

Citing Federal government use of “incredibly invasive surveillance technology” to attack Resisters, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Dec. 11 to force the agencies to disclose basic information about how it uses fake cell phone sites, or “Stingrays.” A “Stingray” can not only track the location of individuals and determine who they are calling, but also decode their encrypted phone calls, and even prevent them from making phone calls or use the Internet, all without a warrant or informing the victim.

“The ACLU has been asking for basic information about this program for years, and now we are asking a federal court to intervene.”

“The use of powerful surveillance and surreptitious surveillance equipment is worrying in any context, and even more so when ICE and CBP do so, agencies with a long history of abusive surveillance practices that include illegally tracking journalists and defenders and subjecting people to invasive searches of its electronic devices at the border,” added the ACLU.

“And when those agencies use these tracking technologies in secret, blocking our requests for information,” he   continued, “we should all be worried. That is why today the ACLU and the New York Civil Liberties Union have filed a lawsuit asking a federal court to order CBP and ICE to produce a variety of records on their use, purchase and supervision of Stingrays. ”

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6 Responses

  1. Dan Carter says:

    This is amazing! How can this garbage be funded with a charity? Particularly, when you openly advocate the dismantling of the Union! Why should the us government allow you to collect money tax-free to Work to destroy the USA?

    • Suzanne D. Hirsch says:

      Thank you for your interest, Sir. Actually, CA is a “donor state” which means that we’ve been giving a lot more to the Feds than they’ve been giving us, for quite a long time. We haven’t been a donor state, every year, consecutively for the past couple decades, but that’s the way it averages out. Also, we are not a “charity”. We are a group of activists, and we all have our own opinions on how a Calexit or Bluexit should look, and we fund our efforts with money from our own pockets, when we have some, and we give a lot of time and energy, like to making things happen like the Unity Conference in Sac. on the 2nd of February, last week, and some of us even helped to organize a Listening Round Table, so that we could get some input from our Native American brothers and sisters, here in CA as to how they’d like a plurinational government to be structured. (It has worked well for a long time, in and around Palm Springs CA).

  2. We are hella stoked that you checked out our website! You don’t like it and wish we didn’t exist. That’s o.k., bro. No Worries!

  3. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Matt C says:

    Well it would seem the the Russians have ben instigators of disintegration of both NATO and the United States, having been keenly instigating for Brexit and installing a bumbling idiot and overall nut case megalomaniac into the higher office of the US. Many will think this another attempt at USxit sponsored by the Russians. Well I don’t think so but I do think the feeling of animosity towards the Federal Government is largely a recent product of the train wreck POTUS illegitimately stealing the election with the help of Russian hackers and FaceBook. Were he not in office, we would not be talking about this likely. So, let’s just remain calm and bide our time until he is gone and then see how we feel. Four years is kind of a knee-jerk reaction to what I believe is a one-trick pony, but if this corruption continues past 2020, then I believe it will be time to seriously think about disincorporating California from the US. We have a very strong self identity and pride as Californians and a strong sense of right and wrong and truth and deception here which would serve us well independently of the US to govern ourselves just fine, but it’s not desirable to un-unite the United States if it’s avoidable because foreign powers desire to break us to suite their own purposes which I believe put our safety and sovereignty in jeopardy. That said, the United States government has gone much too far with secrecy, spying on citizens, black-ops projects, and a military industrial complex that Is clearly out of control and too many cover-ups going on. Those should be central reasons on their own merit to seek a sea-change in government, but I believe that change can be made within the existing governance once the majority of Republican criminal supporters are removed from power.

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