CALM-PAC Launches “#MyLifeMatters” Initiative to Combat Youth and Minority Unemployment

The California Liberation Movement Political Action Committee (CALM-PAC), has launched a campaign to petition California Gov. Newsom and other state leaders to take extreme measures to combat historic high unemployment levels among young adult and racial/ethnic minority workers, before federal programs preventing complete destitution of workers impacted by the COVID-driven economic crisis end in July. In reference to the “Black Lives Matter” campaign to combat institutional racism in law enforcement, the campaign is named “#MyLifeMatters.”

The #MyLifeMatters campaign focuses on the fact that May 2020 unemployment levels were 23% for adults between ages 20 and 24, while unemployment is now 15%, 17% and 18% for Asian-, African-, and Latino-Americans of all ages, respectively. The prospects for young minority adults are even more dire.

In addition to the online petition campaign, the effort is supported by a new video that dramatizes the impact of the COVID Depression with animated graphs and moving graphics. The video closes with civil rights hero Martin Luther King demanding either jobs and economic relief for poor Americans in the riot-racked year of 1968.

Link to Petition on

Link to Video on YouTube.

CALM-PAC is taking on the issue of Youth and Minority Unemployment because the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate is refusing to pass another COVID-related economic relief bill, and Donald Trump opposes the enactment of relief, even while – perhaps because – youth and minority unemployment remains high and is even increasing while older and dominant-group workers return to work. Thus today’s devastatingly high youth and minority unemployment figures are, like police brutality, a manifestation of systemic racism in U.S. government and economic institutions.

Largely because prices for available housing exceeds the income of low and moderate income workers, California already has the worst problem with homeless workers in the U.S. If these high unemployment levels continue, the state housing crisis will balloon from a crisis to a catastrophe in mere weeks.

Furthermore, without criticizing #BlackLivesMatter protesters in any way, we think that high unemployment among young adults is a major reason why “BLM” protests have maintained their strength and even become a daily, not weekly, feature of life. If nothing is done to relieve the pain of youth and minority workers, the violent protests that have struck La Mesa, Oakland, Santa Monica, and the Fairfax District of Los Angeles could become commonplace across our state.

Time is short and the emergency is dire. We must act fast to head off what could be the greatest crisis to strike California since the Great Depression.

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