Analyses in Chronological Order

August 2020

San Diego “Sedition” Citations should be expunged and Police disciplined. link

Trump Genocide Plot against Californians exposed. link

“If you’re an American — Get out of my country!” As Trump divides America, he unites California against him. link

July 2020

Constitutional Changes to Restore American Democracy: Reforming the U.S. Senate and ending the Imperial Presidency. An Article in Six Parts. link

1. The Undemocratic U.S. Senate. link

2. Britain reformed its Undemocratic Upper House a Century Ago. link

3. Reforming the U.S. Senate and ending the Imperial Presidency to restore American Democracy. link

4. Protecting the Rights of Citizens of Small-Population States. link

5. Giving Congress power over Impeachment and ending the Imperial Presidency. link

6. Saving the Last Best Hope of Earth: Reforming the U.S. Senate and Ending the Imperial Presidency. link

California Secession Initiative Timed for Potential Election Chaos. link

June 2020

Means, Motive, Opportunity: Trump has no reason not to commit the greatest crime ever committed by a U.S. President. link

CALM-PAC Launches “#MyLifeMatters” Initiative to Combat Youth and Minority Unemployment. link

Popular new book discusses the potential for breaking up the United States. link

Anti-Racism Protests and COVID-fueled unemployment crisis manifest need for California independence. link

Hero Gov. Newsom defies Trump threat to send U.S. Army to invade California. link

Why Independence may soon be the only real choice for California. link

April 2020

Announcements by Gov. Newsom bring California Independence unprecedented Global attention. link

Under Scrutiny: Governor Gavin Newsom declares the “rhetorical” independence of California. link

March 2020

California independence supporters launch a Political Action Committee. link

America may never accept Democratic Socialism. But an Independent California will. link

January 2020

Federal agency illegally spies on the cell phones of millions of Californians, according to ACLU. link