About Us

The California Liberation Movement (CALM) was founded in 2019 to educate and encourage people to support the liberation of the State of California from the United States, and establish California as an independent state, and a member of a new democratic federation, recognized by major allies of the United States.

With nearly 40 million people, more land than Germany, the next-largest economy after Germany, and by-far the largest port in North America, California is fully-prepared to become an independent state, and help share the burden of maintaining peace and stability in the Pacific and European regions. Furthermore, California is surrounded by similar states who could help create a major new federation if they were cooperatively united with California.

Independence from the Unites States will protect our families and freedoms from the increasingly anti-democratic government of the United States, including the federal court system that is rapidly being filled with unqualified corrupt judges appointed by Donald Trump and confirmed by the unrepresentative U.S. Senate. California independence will also help maintain the peace and stability of North America if the United States should collapse into bloodshed and chaos, as appears more likely than ever before.

As a “liberation movement,” a major goal of CALM is to establish that California is entitled to be independent under international law, as she was a de facto independent state when the United States invaded and conquered her in 1846. Even under U.S. military occupation, the State of California was established without the authorization of the U.S. Congress, and it functioned for over a year without being either a state or territory of the United States of America.

The California Liberation Movement is a political action committee registered with the California Secretary of State.

Revised: March 2020.