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We are the CALM before the Storm.

Since Donald Trump was declared president of the United States in 2017, at least 9 MILLION Californians of voting age have supported the nonviolent separation of the State of California from the United States of America. Events over the ensuing three years have made amply clear that the U.S. Government is not only unable and unwilling to control the out-of-control chief executive, but is waging a full-scale assault on our communities, families, and natural heritage. As the U.S. teeters toward disintegration, collapse, and even civil war, declaring California independent of USA, with the support of U.S. allies, is becoming not only the best option, but the only way to avoid our destruction.

The California Liberation Movement is driven by a realization that not only is Trump unlikely to be removed from office by the U.S. Senate, but the 2020 election results are likely to be a manifest fraud, with millions of voters deprived of their right to vote through systematic voter suppression, and adversaries of the United States like Russia and China openly spreading propaganda and lies, if not directly altering the election results by attacking computer networks. Under such circumstances, California cannot submit to laws passed by a federal government that is manifestly illegitimate.

CALM was founded in 2019 to:

  • Organize the 9 million potential and actual California voters who already support establishing a California republic independent of the United States.
  • Persuade the 6 million and more Californians of voting age who are undecided about breaking California free of the United States to support the idea.
  • Develop alliances for leading other U.S. states, including Oregon, Washington and Hawai`i, to join California in forming a Pacific federation independent of the U.S.
  • Support the movement in the two Baja California states for re-uniting “Gran California” — divided ever since the United States invaded and conquered “Las Californias” in 1846 — with the consent of Mexico.
  • Build a movement for placing a initiative on the California state ballot in 2022 to demonstrate support for establishing our republic as an independent state recognized by major U.S. allies.
  • Encourage candidates for Governor in the 2022 election to support declaring California independent of the United States, after they are elected to the highest office in our Government.

CALM is a political action committee, registered with the California Secretary of State. Contributions to CALM are not tax-deductible. Our office is in the historic community of San Luis Rey, California, San Diego County.

Ohana Justice Center Charitable Trust

P.O. Box 596
San Luis Rey, CA 92068
(442) 500-9045

Mission San Luis Rey, established 1798
Photo: Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

Mission San Luis Rey, San Luis Rey, Estado de California

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